Act 345

Make your own pastry

It’s pie making season. I love pie. Never thought I was much good at it. Pastry seems to be an art that only some of us can manage. But, it’s worth a try. I would normally buy the ready made ones in the pie shells. But they’re not cheap. I’ve tried the rolls of pasty too. Last year I bought pre-made pastry that I could roll out myself. But this year, this year I’m getting brave and making my own. It’s not as hard as you might think and you might have to give it a few tries before you perfect it. But it’s pastry. Not such a tough gig. And it’s worth it. One hint is to keep a frozen pound of butter in the freezer and grate it (I saw them grating butter at the pie shop the other day). I also keep flour on my kitchen counter so it’s not a nuisance to dig out the big bag in the pantry. I use the pastry attachment on my cuisinart to get the job started then roll it out when the ingredients all come together in a big ball.

Plus, it’ll save you a ton of dough – couldn’t resist! Happy pie making.