Act 46

Forget the writing on the wall. Listen to the music.

Let’s face it, the writing on the wall can be quite brutal. Deadlines. Debts. Payments Due dates. Time. Money. Tick Tick goes the clock. Get it done. Make it happen. Ugh. It’s stressful. I’m not blaming anyone, I’m just saying that’s how it feels some days.

That’s when I turn to my i-pod. There’s nothing like a favourite song to pull you out of a slump or a sense of being overwhelmed.

If I’m feeling nostalgic, it’s off to Blue Monday of New Order. ┬áSuddenly I’m a kid in the eighties again – and a cool one at that.

If it’s inspiration I need – it’s Les Mis. No one can take away the Dream I dream.

If it’s comfort I need – it’s Handel’s Messiah. Hallelujah indeed.

If I’m feeling hard done by – who better than Taylor Swift with Mean.

And if I’m just in a funk, my fall back is Micheal Jackson anything.

So, on that note, don’t stop, till you get enough. As for me, I’ll be perfecting my moon walk in the living room (no peeking).

Sing your song!