Act 255

Start with soup

A quiet weekend planned. I so enjoy being a homebody. I made soup this am from some leftover veg, and a can of coconut milk. Some curry, some coriander, some cinnamon. The house smells wonderful and the warmth is comforting on these early days of fall.

Hopefully it will sustain me through a day of house work and puttering. Putting and keeping my house in order is meditative for me and helps me stay focussed on my debt reduction.

Act 246

What’s for dinner? Ask your fridge.

No really, I saw a post on facebook this morning. How awesome, you can go online, check off what you’ve got in your fridge and it will make recipe suggestions. Two birds with one stone – avoid yet another trip to the grocery store and save brain power by having a meal suggested for a change.

Here’s the link. Let me know what it suggested for you. I should be making dumplings, apparently. Sounds fun. Never too old to learn a new trick. And always good to save a little money while I’m at it.

Act 214

Get back to basics

We are 14 for dinner at a family cottage. While it might have been easier to go for convenience and buy pre made burgers and pre made fixings, I insisted we go old school, buy the basic ingredients and do it ourselves. It saves money and it adds value. People appreciate things more when they come from the kitchen rather than the grocery aisle. Crowds like this around the dinner table remind me of my grandparents who had 14 kids. This was just another ordinary day for them. It’s no wonder they were such good cooks and such careful stewards of their resources. There were no big box stores, no wholesale clubs, just a general store and alot of planning. It paid off for them and it can pay off for us too. So get back to basics. It’s time well spent (and it tastes better too).