Act 153

Air your laundry – first the clean, then the dirty

Your dryer is typically the second most expensive appliance in terms of energy cost after your fridge. Which is why your mom always said “Don’t open the fridge to stare at it”. Think about what you need first.

If you can, think about a clothesline. What could be fresher than air-dried laundry. Believe it or not, some “planned” communities ban the use of clotheslines. Seems so wrong, doesn’t it?

You would think we would be more upset about airing our dirty laundry than our clean one? But alas, such is the world we live in.

I think it’s important to air our dirty laundry too. Not physically, but metaphorically – you need to get stuff off your chest. Our worries do us harm. We need to talk about them or they will eat away at us. Which is why I write this blog because our ability to express ourselves is the single most important tool we have in life. So go ahead, say it out loud. I promise, it feels better – like clean air-dried linen dried in the sun.