Act 128

Ask yourself, if you don’t have dental insurance, do you pay less?

This is more of a question than an action but my son had two dental procedures today and my spider sense tells me that my fees were less because when they asked the question “do you have coverage?” and the answer was “no, I’m self-employed and I’ll pay on my own”, I swear they flip to a different page in the fee book.

I’ve long suspected that the extended health insurance model has a different fee structure because there’s more money to go around. Those of you who have it pay for one another and the pot of money to do so is much bigger than for those of us who don’t. Oddly, I seem to have benefitted from that in this case.

I do however have a health trust that the company I own contributes to and will reimburse me as my own employee for legitimate expenses. The fees are very reasonable. And it adds up over time. So for today, I am covered. Here’s hoping he doesn’t need braces, then I’m really hooped.

I have much empathy for my American neighbours who have no health coverage. I can’t imagine going to emerg and being asked “how will you be paying for that today”. We pay. We just don’t pay at the till. It’s a big difference. And I’m grateful.