Act 259

Sure, you worry – but be happy too

Saw this today on the Huffington Post. This baroness of media has also joined a movement affectionately known as Plan B, redefining money, power and, I’m paraphrasing a bit, success too.

While we worry and work on financial concerns, we still need to find time to be happy. 

Just reading this brought a smile. Hope it will for you too.

Act 139

The most important jobs are never done.

Parenting for one. Volunteering, saving, improving, caring and helping make that list for me too.

I find, and this is more philosophical that practical, that if I accept the idea of continuous improvement and get less caught up with the idea of completion, things go better and more gets done but most importantly, I see more opportunity and I feel more motivated.

Which is good, because debt can crush you financially and emotionally too. And I’m winning. At least I am today and tomorrow I get a brand new chance.

Act 116

Ask for happiness.

We ask for so many things in life – things, solutions, short cuts, deals, special treatment – but I’m more convinced than ever that no matter what we’re asking for, what we’re really seeking is happiness.

Find it in your way. Today, I am grateful for the family, the friends and the people in my community who help us find our way to joy.

Thank you. It’s make me happy.