Act 56

Go Public.

I started this blog because I wasn’t doing enough to defy my debt. I kept thinking it was a later problem when it’s a now problem.

People who are in debt are rarely part of the conversation about debt. I want to change that.

By building a daily blog post into my routine, I force myself to make conscious and conscientious decisions about my debt every day.

I didn’t go public to solve the problem. I went public to have a record of how to solve the problem. Debt is the number one concern of Canadians. So I figured I would find at least a kindred spirit or two in my pursuit. And I’m so relieved to report that I have and grateful for the kind words of support. Your stories are important. We need to talk about it. We need to fix it. We need to commit our debt to the past.

The story of my blog got picked up by Ellen Roseman, the personal finance columnist for the Toronto Star.

Debt is a product that is packaged, priced, promoted and sold. It’s no wonder the banks are making record profits. I bought in and I’ve been paying for it ever since. It’s time to change that one debt defying act at a time.

The story here:

Debt Defying Acts – Commit yours today. And share if you want – I’ll repost your ideas.