Act 260


Life is so excessively complex, isn’t it?

Take, for example, today’s release of the new Grand Theft Auto game which cost reportedly 250 million dollars to produce and market (and is expected to take one billion in return, btw), compared to this photo.


Hop scotch. It’s all about what you’re used to. I see a hop scotch and I’m filled with an inexplicable euphoria. Probably not unlike the euphoria that gamers feel when a new game is released. Except mine cost some pavement and white paint. And all of 30 seconds of play time.

We really need to think about simplifying our lives. Really, we do.

Act 144

Play a board game (well, except maybe this one…)

I checked out a few garage sales today with my next door neighbour buddy. We had so much fun. I found a few vintage pieces for my kitchen collection, some wooden checkers, a couple of vintage board games, some dice and a great old work bench.

I found the first vintage board game at a ┬ácommunity garage sale for the SPCA. It’s called ┬áStock Ticker – and I bought it not to play it but to be sure no one else would – eek. Here’s a picture of the game description – disturbing – but hilarious all the same.

game2 game1

So I’ll stick to Yahtzee and spare my children the lessons of stock ticker – that is, unless I preface it by making them watch Inside Job first so they can understand the real power of the games that grown ups play.