Act 305

Enter to win

We went to a Ducks’ Unlimited fundraiser last night. The reasonably priced tickets included tickets for door prizes and bucket draws. We each won a prize. I won a $50 gift certificate at a local auto shop and my husband won a prize pack from the casino in Vernon that includes a meal voucher and some gaming money. So minus the few beverages, we came out ahead on the deal, some money was raised for a good cause and a good time was had by all.

It’s not how much money you spend, it’s how you spend your money and in this case, spending money actually made us a little. Which is more than you can say for the typical night out at a restaurant or pub.

Act 276

Fight fundraising fatigue

Is it just me or are you constantly bombarded with request to buy something so someone can raise money for something else. Pies, raffle tickets, cookie dough, calendars, running races for schools, or school trips, or hockey, or charities. Canada Post just asked me to add $2.00 to a bill for their charity. Seriously, I could easily spend $100 a month if I said yes to everything.

It’s important to give. Critically important – but we have to find a way to determine what we’ll give, to whom and why.

My suggestions? Pretty simple.

Consider giving your time if you can’t give money

Only buy from kids (not their parents – that’s the easy way out)

Decide what you’re prepared to support (no national charities for me – local stuff only)

Non-denominational donations are more my speed

Donations to foundations live in perpetuity – only the interest is used

Finally, don’t buy stuff you don’t need – especially those gifts books and magazine subscriptions – it’s cheaper just to give money directly to the cause and skip the stuff