Act 315

Plan your route

How many of us just jump into the car to run that errand or pick that something up at the grocery store that we forgot.

I try not to do this. I drive my youngest son to school, park at the office and try to plan my route so I don’t have to double back and waste time, money and fuel. When I’m home, I stay home – unless it’s an emergency of some kind. If I forgot something, it waits till I drive back to town in the morning. While today wasn’t a good example of this for me – having driven into and out of town three times, it was a good reminder that planning my route has saved me loads on fuel this year. I can comfortably see that my new found driving “cheap”ness probably saves me $20 or $25 a week on fuel. And it adds up. Except, of course, for today. But it couldn’t be helped. And it was a good reminder that my usual stubbornness pays off.

PS – speaking of stubborn, only 50 posts to go and I’ll have committed 365 debt defying acts – happy about that.