Act 19

Go with the flow.

I know it’s a cliche but sometimes, you just have to go with it.

While I may be on an all consuming mission, it doesn’t mean everyone around me is too. And it certainly doesn’t mean my family needs to be sentenced to weekends full of chores, errands and duties.

So today, I went with it. We skied. We visited. We had fun. And now, we’ll chill out. Tomorrow, it’s back to work.

Act 11

Say no.

I know it’s difficult. “Come for coffee. Let’s go for a drink. Meet me for lunch.” Spending money is a big part of socializing in our culture.

It’s okay to say no. And avoid making up excuses. Just tell the truth. “My heart says yes, my budget says no.” It’s okay. Your friends will appreciate your honesty.

The only thing worse than saying no is saying yes because you feel obligated to spend money you don’t have trying to have a good time when, truth be told, you can’t really afford to be there.

We often have friends over or visit friends out of town over skype. It’s fun. It’s free. And you laugh just as much wether you’re at the pub or in your living room.

Have a nice weekend.