Act 346

Give food.

Tonight the CP Holiday Train pulled into town to help raise funds for the local food bank. It’s always a big draw. We do love trains. Especially the shiny, brightly lit ones with Santa on board.

I’ll try and leave my corporate cynicism at the door as to the reason CP goes to this expense. On some level, CP must understand that people enjoy exchanging something ordinary (food and money) for something extraordinary (Santa on a train with a band and lights that can be seen from outer space). So on that front, it’s successful.

The real message is about giving. And we probably don’t need such an extravagant display to give. But judging by the crowd, it certainly helps.

I’ll try and set aside my concern that food banks are a very serious symptom of what’s wrong with our society and our economy, but I’ll set that aside too.

Bottom line, there are people who need food who haven’t enough. There are people who know this and volunteer to fill that need. So give what you can.

Ironically, debt is a product of wealth. If I have debt it’s because I have wealth. If I lived in poverty, I wouldn’t have debt. I also wouldn’t have what I needed to feed my family. All things considered, I’m lucky. So if I can give a few dollars or some pasta and beans, I will. We all should.

And maybe, just maybe, Santa will give us the wherewithal to understand and address the root causes of income inequality and poverty so that one day soon, we no longer have a need for food banks at all.