Act 249

Fair play and playing fair

We went to the Salmon Arm Fall Fair today. For such a small town and a modest event, it sure can cost a pretty penny. But it’s ever so much fun.

I saved where I could. I volunteered as a judge which afforded me a weekend pass and a modest (but much appreciated) honorarium for my time away from work. That helps. Then, I purchased wrist band passes at the local grocery store which saved me $10. I gave the kids a budget to work with. It was spent on fries, cotton candy, mini doughnuts, lemonade and ice cream. I don’t know how they can eat all that stuff and still manage umpteen rides on the kamikaze but they’re young and up for the challenge. I packed a few snacks and scoured the site for refillable water. All in all, a great day. They likely would have stayed till dark. But I was done. So we stopped in at the no frills store for a few snacks and will eat dinner at home. Also a savings there as those food trucks (as mentioned in yesterday’s post), sell convenience more than anything. But we saw it all. the llamas, the cows, the horses, the bunnies, the trade show booths (including requisite political, religious and consumerism propoganda). As for me, my money’s on the big pumpkins, they always amaze and delight.


Act 227

Go to a festival!

Why spend your hard earned entertainment dollar on one or two acts at a single evening concert especially for bands that are, shall we say, getting a bit long in the tooth. Rolling Stones tickets for the summer tour had a face value of $600. Yikes.

For a fraction of that cost, you can get a 3 day pass to festivals like Salmon Arm’s own Roots and Blues which opens tonight and see dozens of bands – some established, some up and coming – all carefully chosen for you by a dedicated team of professionals who continue to curate a great musical, cultural and global experience.

Want to save even more? Consider volunteering next year. A few shifts of work entitles you to a weekend pass and many of the R&B volunteers have been with the festival for years. So hats of the them. And have a great festival!

source: R&B facebook page

source: R&B facebook page

Act 143

Go Downtown

Petula Clark was onto something. Things will be great when you’re downtown. My take? There’s a couple reasons for this.

1) Local merchants who live where you live
2) Community events organized for fun not for profit
3) Being outside rather than being in an artificially controlled climate

Tonight we participated in a community bike ride. Free, fun and a great sense of community, not to mention a bit of needed exercise.

So maybe I’ll see you there. Forget all your troubles (including your debt) and go downtown.