Act 158

Let the sunshine in (and turn out the lights)

It’s that time of year where the sun rises early and sets late. So make the best of it and turn out a few lights. Every hour you don’t have a light on saves you money – not much – but it’s money all the same.

There’s also the issue of stand-by mode – electrical appliances plugged in that draw power even if they aren’t on. Something to be mindful off – the coffee grinder, the toaster, etc.

BC Hydro has a good chart detailing which appliances use how much power – and you can calculate each using your hydro bill to see the KWH rate. It’s here:

In BC, we have smart metres and they have been a controversial issue. I don’t know if they charge us more during peak hours – but now that they can track it – I try to use the dishwasher and the dryer on non peak hours just in case. A good habit. It’s bound to be that way soon enough. They installed those meters for a reason. I suspect the opportunity to charge more was one of the factors so best re-align habits now, just in case.