Act 132

Vote – because they’ll spend more money on your behalf that you will

Elections are also all about money and debt. BC’s provincial election is tomorrow (May 14).   For me, my time in the ballot box will come down to this – not how much money they’ll spend (because that’s what they do) but how they will spend it.

We’re so quick to assume that people with “big business” experience are somehow more fiscally frugal – big business is very good at spending money – in pretty luxurious ways – box seats, private jets, five star accommodation – those aren’t necessarily the qualities we should be looking for in our elected leaders – at least they aren’t the ones I’m looking for.

I want to see frugality, respect for taxpayer dollars and natural resources, humility and basic human kindess. Tall order, I know. But if I don’t vote, it’s like I’ve given up trying. And I’m not giving up.