Act 79

Money is not a meritocracy

You do not earn what you deserve. You earn what you negotiate. Someone told me that once. I wish I had listened better.

All the same, thinking you should earn more or have more doesn’t do a stitch of good. I might think that many deserve more. I even like to include myself on that list on some days. I’ll even go as far as saying some might deserve less – but don’t take it personally – it’s merely a comment on how our economy isn’t, despite what the theory says, achieving any particular kind of sustainable equilibrium where inputs generate equitable societal outputs.

But life is not a theory. So if you can negotiate a better salary or a better rate, good for you. If you can resist the temptation to discount your time or your worth or your value, even better.

If you’re not getting what you think you deserve, look in the mirror and negotiate a better deal. Or try.