Act 323

Do a little DIY

Our thoughts have turned to Christmas. We’re expecting the visit of some of our favourite people.

Our home is comfy, cozy and small. It’s also in dire need of more storage space

So with two sheets of plywood, some two by fours, a talented and patient husband and a lick of paint, we’re well into the conversion of our upstairs storage area into a proper bedroom. We’ll hide all the storage under the bed platform and improve the look of our home.

It doesn’t have to be a major reno to have a major impact. Many years ago, we added a small deck to our backyard. It added ┬ásignificant value to our home.

You just need a simple plan. Our minor reno will cost less (and look much nicer) than the stack of not so neatly piled tupperware bins that pass for storage now). And our guests will have a special spot crafted just for them.