Act 269

Doesn’t hurt to ask – in fact, it might save you a few hundred

I’ve been reading my bills. I know, fun, right? Turns out MBNA is owned by TD Canada Trust. MBNA offers 9ish % interest on its true line card. I looked it up. I’ve been a TD Canada Trust customer for 20 plus years. So I called to say “hey, what’s up? you extend 9.99 to my husband who has virtually no history with you but I pay, let’s just say, significantly more?” I was first transfered to the call centre in India. In India, there are only so many changes they can approve, so they transfered me to a lovely young lady from Quebec with the suggestion that I ask for an Emerald Card, which I did. And now I have one. And it’s way cheaper. Not as cheap as I’d like – but I’ll find a copy of my credit report to make sure it’s not telling creditors things it shouldn’t (I suspect it might be) – and call back to get an even better rate.

Two phone calls this week (one to Rogers, one to TD Visa) have saved me approximately $1,000 for the next year alone. It really doesn’t hurt to ask. In this case, it actually hurts not too. So pick up the phone. But call from your landline and save yourself the minutes. I spent over an hour on the phone with TD. But for the money I saved, it was time well spent.