Act 265

Go to a council meeting

First off, this is post 265 – 100 yet to go in case you’re keeping score. 

Back to the topic. Council meetings. On the surface, they can seem a bit boring and formal but the truth it what happens at those meetings can have a profound effect on your livelihood. Take this evening, for example. A proposal to rezone a former pub to an artisan coffee roasting company. I was in favour. For many reasons. It increases the livelihood of the neighbourhood. And lively neighbourhoods are good. Good for community. Good for property value. Good for business. Good for, well, a decent cup of coffee nearby mostly. 

Municipal government collect your money and spend it on your behalf. We really do owe it to ourselves to follow what’s going on. And if there’s an issue that’s close to your heart or your wallet, attend a meeting, speak at a public hearing or write a letter if you’re not the public speaking type. It’s a right that’s important to exercise. It’s how community happens.