Act 210

Costco Caution

Went for a visit to Costco today. Keep hearing my friends rave about the savings and the choices so I thought I’d best check it out. Hadn’t been for many years and I’m glad I did.

But some things are just too big to buy no matter how big your household or your business. Take this bottle of hazelnut spread for example. It’s the size of a small child. Unless you’re in the business of re-packaging hazelnut spread and selling it in smaller jars for a mark up, I don’t see how it can be value for your dollar. But it looks impressive.


Other items seem well worth the price but only if you can use it all and have space to store it (which I don’t).

What struck me was the sheer size of everything. Like a giant super sized market. We seem to attach value to size. The carts are bigger, the ceilings are higher, the shelves are taller – interesting to know what the psychology of that retail experience is – regardless, it must work. There always seems to be a giant traffic jam in the parking lot.