Act 258

Figure out what a day costs

Sometimes the big numbers can overwhelm. I find it helps me to break it down. I’ve added it all up and figured it out by the day and even by the hour.

Because we own a business, it’s a bit trickier as the business pays for portion of things I use personally. Like fuel and insurance, scotch tape and cell phone charges, random stuff like that, but overall, I know what I have to earn in a day both at work, and what I have to have left to bring home. The number will vary for everyone. And it’s important to remember that even if you live 365 days a year, you only work 261 typically, so allow for that too.

And use those numbers to help you along the way. Helps put things in perspective. My business costs me more than my home life. Maybe I need to reconsider a few equations. But at least I have a realistic picture. And that helps – even if it not as pretty picture as I might have liked.