Winner winner chicken dinner

If chicken is for dinner, consider buying a whole one. Roast it and you’ll likely have enough for two meals, then keep the bones and make stock. I spent $7.00 – got two meals and now have three healthy portions of chicken stock in the freezer for soup later. So easy. So much cheaper.

Act 312

Cook with your kids

We’ve spent many a Saturday at home this last year and it’s been good for our culinary craft. I’ve learned to make bread and sauces, pastry and soups. The kids are on board. One son asks me regularly if he can please help me chop stuff up. The other is more of a taste tester and he’s developing quite a gourmet palette.

Their repertoire of recipes is getting pretty extensive: ribs, pasta, eggs, bread, muffins and cookies. They’ve been a big help and they like feeling like they can contribute to family meals. It helps at the grocery store because they understand that we can make it at home rather than buy it in a box.

If only we could reverse engineer the recipe for oreos, I’d be all set.