Act 146

Buy only inconvenient food

You know, like flour and butter and eggs and oil and veg and fruit and milk and cheese – the ingredients you need to make your own meal.

Just for fun, I took a few pics of some convenience foods whose price points defy logic – except for their convenience factor.

Naan bread. 2 pieces. $3.09. I could make you a dozen pieces for less than $3.09.

Shake and bake. Like two pieces of old dried bread zapped into crumbs with a bit of spice. $2.99 – would you pay $2.99 for two pieces of old bread?


I hope not.

Most of what sells at grocery stores is convenience, not ingredients. To get the best value for your food budget, buy what’s inconvenient and keep the money spent on packaging, marketing, shipping and display instead.

I have cut my grocery bill in half. And my pantry is better stocked than it’s ever been. And that’s money I can use to pay down my existing debt while being sure not to accumulate any more by spending more than I need on food that’s convenient, not cost effective.

Debt’s not convenient either – but convenience foods makes it worse. So go for inconvenience whenever you can.