Act 52

Choose Collaboration (needs) over Competition (wants)

Kind of a big topic, eh? However, simply put, our competitive nature fuels our rationale for debt. We want the big TV, the nice car, the new living room furniture and that basic competitive nature helps justify the decision. Deep down, it’s true.

But we don’t need that stuff. We need food, water, sleep, shelter. And needs (vs wants) are often best attained through collaboration – you have a match, I have fireword. We have fire. At a basic human level, reciprocity helps us meet our basic needs while competition helps us meet our wants.

And we so often confuse the two.

This week’s work has been very collaborative in nature. When I collaborate instead of compete, I’m more creative and more motivated. In fact, there is some fascinating research being done on the brain and creativity. I found this online. Who knew?

So defy your debt by thinking collaboration rather than competition. Who knows what you’ll come up with. I doubt it’ll be a big screen TV.