Act 295

Mix & Match

One of the side effects of being on a money diet is the wardrobe. My closet feels like it’s getting a bit thin. So I’ve started changing the way I look at my wardrobe by trying to mix and match outfits in new ways, add a few thrift shop finds, polish up some old shoes, look at my accessories in new ways and voila, new to me wardrobe. I tried a new combination outfit today. Even got a compliment (hope they weren’t just being nice). Good for creativity and confidence. When an experiment goes well, you’re more likely to keep trying.

Some women have walk in closets that are bigger than my bedroom. And that’s okay. I bet they also wear the same 20 or 25 pieces all the time. We all have our favourites. And if you have even 15 pieces you love, there’s an infinite number (well, technically not really infinite) of outfit combinations you can come up with.

It’s all part of the adventure. Used to be a chore. It really is all in how you look at something. Problem or challenge. You decide.