Act 109

When in doubt, do without.

Spring is in the air. And with spring comes spring cleaning.

We live in a small house and, over the years, have managed to accumulate too much furniture, too many toys and sigh, too many books. So it’s time for a good clean up and clean out. Excess stuff is also a form of debt. If you don’t need it, move it along – sell it, give it, donate it, recycle it or, worst case, throw it out.

And be thankful for the thrift shop volunteers who’ll take that stuff off your hands. They are really the ones doing us the favour despite many who think that those who give are the generous ones. One day sorting through other people’s giveaways might change your mind.

If you live in a small house, you’ll soon find that you can’t just move one thing without having to move many things and changes to one room invariably lead to changes in other rooms, so pace yourself. A few hours at a time and before you know it, your abode will feel brand new or at least brand new to you.