Act 163

Hold off on the phone upgrade

I want a new phone, but I don’t need one. At least not yet. So while I’m eligible, I’ll hold off. They make it convenient, by adding it to your bill and sometimes even offer a rebate (which is a nuisance but worth the paper work).

We’re so attached to our little devices, are we not? And we’re constantly lured to have the latest and greatest available, most of it style, less of it substance. I will upgrade later in the year because the version I want will allow me to create a wireless hot spot for my laptop – which I will need for work – so it’s worth it. My twitter app no longer works on my i-phone 3 – developers de-activate apps on older devices – I can live with that – it’s annoying, but it’s not worth the upgrade. And I can live with the teasing too. My blackberry and samsung friends love to taunt me about my mac affliction and my aging i-phone.┬áIt’ll be worth the wait. Both in time and in delayed expense but I doubt the teasing will stop :-).