Act 83

“Let Urgency Conquer Fear”

Some pretty wise words from the Case Foundation in the US. The Case Foundation was established by Steve and Jean Case. Steve Case is the  co-founder and former CEO  of AOL.

His work was featured on today’s Money episode of Sunday Morning on CBS where, on the world’s biggest corporate merger (AOL/Time Warner) he quoted Edison “Vision without execution is hallucination”.

His foundation recently launched a Be Fearless project to help organizations breakthrough with innovation and big change.

History suggests that the most significant cultural transformations occur when one or more people simply decide to try and make big change, rather than move incrementally.

So I’ll keep trying to think big. Really big. To eliminate my debt and help others do the same.

I’d like to start with inviting others in my situation to take a pledge. A simple act of commitment to defy debt and take back control of our own personal economies.