Act 352

Thank goodness for small miracles

I’m not gonna lie. Today was not the easiest day. When you own a small business, especially in December, you have to do something most business owners hate doing. You have to chase money.

I hate chasing money. But if you own a business and you’re loyal to the people with whom you work, it needs to be done. Especially in December when most offices close a full week before the end of the month.

I spent the morning making polite but persuasive calls about invoices due. Not fun. But necessary. And I’m grateful for those who went out of their way to get the cheques signed. Even if there are nicer conversations I wish I could have had with them.

And then I went to my son’s Christmas concert and looked around the standing room only crowd. Clerks, cashiers, doctors, lawyers, brokers. Half the town was packed into the little gym. And nothing matters more to most than seeing your child sing ¬†a ¬†Christmas carol. Not even money. Two hundred kids on stage singing “Do they know it’s Christmas at all” will do that.

The look on my son’s face when he saw that I was there. He knows I work hard, he knows that I want what’s best for him, he knows that I missed work to be there. He knows that I love him.

Thanks goodness for small miracles. Never stop being thankful. Even if it can be a challenge. I’m not sure it’ll all come together this Christmas. And I think of my parents who must have had the same thought. And I think of my grandparents who had fourteen kids. And still, somehow, it’s life illusions I recall.

Look at life from both sides. And pick the side that’s happiest. And help me do the same. After the day I’ve had, I could use the help.