Act 286

Sweeten the pot

I love making caramel apples this time of year. I usually buy the caramel wraps that are also, conveniently, widely available this time of year.

You can buy 6 caramel wraps for $3.49 at my local grocery store. Or, you can buy a bag of kraft caramel for about $4.00 – but you have to unwrap and melt (it’s more work than you might think). So, I wondered what caramel actually consists of. Get this. It’s water and sugar. That’s it. You can make a caramel sauce by adding butter and cream but you don’t even have to do that.

So I tried once and failed miserably. Making candy is a precise exercise in timing and heat. But I tried again and had more luck this time. Made a few caramel apples. Not perfect – but they taste just fine. A cup of sugar, depending on what size bag you buy, cost about 15 cents. At 15 cents, I can try at least twenty times and still be ahead of the game. Assuming I can get at least 6 apples out of the deal. Pretty sweet if you ask me.