Act 275

Keep in mind – appearances can deceive

I have, to some extent, always believed this. I am cautiously skeptical in many matters. Today, for the first time, those tables were turned on me. I met with a professional on a matter. I’ll leave the details aside. Part way into the conversation, the professional commented on my financial capability. “You seem like you’re financially responsible, you’ve got a good head on your shoulder, I’m assuming you can easily manage this expense”. It was weird. My appearance deceived. While I do think of myself as responsible with a good head on my shoulders, it’s not, in this case, an expense I could easily manage. I’m not “set” as it were. Even if I might look the part.

But it got me to thinking that how we present ourselves often impacts what people offer us as solutions. Now I’m not suggesting I should have shown up in track pants and a ratty t-shirt, but still, I’m suddenly more mindful of the fact that assumptions are made about what we need based on how we look. So it’s important to be honest and speak to the facts as they are, not as they appear. And just because someone looks to have their “proverbial” together, doesn’t mean that they do. An educational day all ’round.