Act 182

When it’s this hot, stay cool using what you’ve got

It’s hot. Like really hot. Like 35 degrees and muggy hot. It’s so hot in my front yard, there should be yellow danger, do not cross tape. My back yard is shady – it’s 10 degrees cooler there. Nature has lessons for us.

When it’s this hot, I’m tempted to blast my window air conditioner to freeze. But that’s not sensible. So I’m trying a few new things.

Here goes

Cool the house at night. Keep what you can open. Then, early in the am, close everything and try to trap the cool night air. Especially draw the curtains and blinds.

Make lots of ice. Feed your kids fruit smoothies with frozen fruit, ice cubes and water. Mango is especially delicious.

Try and eat fridge food rather than stove food: fruit, salad, cheese, yogurt, nuts.

If you use an air conditioner, try it on fan instead of cool. Then put a bucket of ice water nearby (not too nearby, we needed electrocute ourselves). I’m surprised but it works – it’s not Mr Freeze cold, but it’s good.

And as for one more crazy out there idea, I’ve put a 1/2 dozen clean pillow cases in a shopping bag in the freezer. We’ll see if that makes bed time any more bearable.

And finally, think about winter. This too shall pass and soon we’ll be complaining about shoveling snow. It’s all in how you look at things.

And speaking of how we look at things, thanks to the Globe and Mail for their story on our debt defying blog. Happy to see the conversations (and criticisms) about debt continue. We need to keep talking.