Speak up

I am following this story online today because it reminds me that I’m not alone. And neither are you. The conservative government commissioned an internal report to study the middle class as the Globe and Mail reports here:


In BC, it’s particularly difficult as 40% of us live pay cheque to pay cheque and our average non-mortgage debt is $40,000 each. Eeek!

Maybe you’re like me. Somewhere between wondering about and feeling disappointed that your financial objectives and expectation are way out of whack. I’m not suggesting I know how to fix it (obviously I don’t), I merely continue to point out that banks sell debt that we buy. The government boasts about the strength of our banking system while scolding us for buying the debt from which they profit. Consumer spending (and consumer debt) saved us from a much worst outcome in 2008. Meanwhile, we’re still in debt and the big banks are still reaping astronomical profits. Something is definitely out of whack. And if we don’t speak up, nothing will happen. If we do, at least we’ll have a chance of affecting some sort of change.

Please write your MP or your MLA outlining your concerns about your economy and your livelyhood wether in general or specifically to your situation. Or write a letter to the editor of your local paper, or start a blog, just do something. Because you are not alone and the louder we are, the more likely they are to hear us.

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