Week 1 Recap

Hi again

Happy New Year. Here’s a recap with links of week one of my debt defying acts. Think of it as last year in fast foward mode. Hope you enjoy. I plan to recap a week at a time.

Act 01Draft a personal budget

Not a big deal. Just a tally of what you earn and what you spend. Back of the napkin sorta stuff. It’ll help. It’s a start.

Act 02 Make an appointment with your banker

Your branch manager should know who you are. Introduce yourself. Make an appointment. Make it clear you’re just asking for a meeting (not a loan) so they don’t pull a credit report unnecessarily.

Act 03 Get an oil change

This is more about maintaining what you have. Don’t neglect your assets. Small steps can save on big expenses.

Act 04 Get a Part Time Job

If you can find the time, it’s worth a try. Wether it’s a few shifts serving at a community fundraiser or a part time contract. Saving is one thing, but making more money has to be part of the equation too.

Act 05 Go Play Outside

This is more about how you use your time. Rather than head to the mall or go to the movies, just play outside with your kids. Grab a crazy carpet and go sledding or build a fort or go for a walk. Whatever it takes, you can do it for free.

Act 06 Pay Attention

Do some research. You might be surprised what really happens in the banking and insurance industries. At least I was. Watching Inside Job was important for me.

Act 07 Go for Lunch at the Grocery Store

It’s important to get out of the office. That doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive lunch. Your grocery store is a great start. A banana, some milk, a bun. Mix and match. Sometimes I can buy a week’s worth of lunch for the price of one sit down meal at my favourite cafe.

Have a great week. Talk again soon!


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