Act 354

Plan the perfect airport pick up

Remember that episode of Seinfeld, the airport pick up? It is an act of love is what it is. My BFF arrived today from back east. She changed her flight to avoid the ice storm. Good call cause I really didn’t want to have to pick her up on Boxing day.

Anyway, if you have an airport pick up, use the technology that’s available to you to time it perfectly. Check the arrivals online. We almost made it. I parked in the very short term parking and waited for her text before I plugged the meter. Then I texted her to hurry and get off the plane. Which she did. One of her bags arrived almost right away. We were set. In and out within 30 minutes. However, Air Canada managed to lose one of the bags which delayed our best laid plans considerably. Still, first world problems. We were delayed by an hour, and I had to plug the meter yet again. No big deal.

Airports are built, I swear, to charge people outrageous parking fees and ridiculous prices for sandwiches. If you plan it well, you can get in and out for little more than a few dollars. Do it if you can. Airports aren’t fun anymore.

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