Act 353

Buy something from a farmer

I did this today. I bought a 5lb bag of beets from a farmer friend of mine. We texted our rendez vous. He brought them right to my car. It was awesome. Even felt a bit clandestine – as in, “pst, wanna buy some beets?”

I’ll use them for Christmas Eve dinner. So I have a grand total of 4 days to figure out how to pickle them.

I also spent some time at an indoor farmer’s market. People braved the icy roads and snowy weather to come and buy vegetables directly from a local organic farmer. Food is a powerful force. What happened at the end of the market surprised me too. Seems all the vendors used some of their proceeds to buy goods from other vendors. It was like watching a tiny working economy in action. Pretty cool.

I wish our crop of MBAs would spend more time studying these age old models. I bet it would restore some sanity to what we call market forces.

2 thoughts on “Act 353

  1. What you don’t want to pickle, just parboil, blanch and cut into chunks/cubes and freeze! Nothing is more wonderful than to bring out a bag of frozen, prepped beets, reheat and serve w/perogies, cabbage rolls, etc. I do a lot of my beets that way. They are almost “sweet” in flavour, and the texture is just fine, thank you.

    So, throw the whole damn bag into a canner, boil for a while, blanch in cold water, make some pickles, and freeze the rest. You won’t be disappointed!

    Penny Coon Vernon

    • Thanks Penny. Much appreciated. I’ll give it a try and try to remember to let you know how I make out. Merry Christmas and thanks for all your support and comments over the course of this year.

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