Act 314

Spend your Canadian Tire Money

I do enjoy Canadian Tire Money. No sign up. No cards. No points. Nothing complicated. Just money. I especially like using it on discounted items (another thing I like about Canadian Tire). And they reward you for spending cash (not credit). I like that too. And to top it off, they’re Canadian.

I have a feeling that Sandy McTire (the Scottish looking character depicted on the currency), wouldn’t approve of debt of any kind or any nonsense whatsoever when it comes to money. I could probably learn a thing or two from old Sandy. I bet many of us could. Maybe Canadian Tire should re-incarnate him in as a financial planner.

Canadian Tire money is the original loyalty program and still the best, in my view. More interesting facts on the much-loved currency here. So don’t just collect it, spend it. Enjoy it. That’s what Sandy would want.


4 thoughts on “Act 314

  1. My husband is a cab driver in Vernon and fills up at C.T., ergo, doesn’t take long for us to collect a wad of C.T. $$$, which we use for items that would normally cost a bit more than what we would want to spend, or, “luxury” items. However, make sure YOU count out the $$$ when paying, do not just hand the bundle to the cashier, as we have caught them a few times making a counting error. Also, I wish people w/b “nice” when using their C.T. money, i.e., have it smoothed out and grouped into denominations. Saves a lot of time at the till. Penny Coon

    • Thanks Penny – that’s smart. and yes, having worked in customer service, it’s always nice when the customer works with you to make sure the numbers work and the cash is organized. I always find that with cash registers the way they are now, cashiers rely on the computer rather than count out the money the old fashioned way. Cheers and thanks for staying in touch.

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