Act 313

Inventory what you can give

On this quiet and pre-remembrance day weekend, we have stayed closed to home. While my thoughts are of war, and the terrible toll it has taken on us as families, communities and countries, I’m reminded that the freedom the sacrifice of others has given us is the opportunity to plan for what comes next; and a quick check of the calendar tells me it’s Christmas.

Christmas is many things. A time of joy, family, friends and traditions. It’s also a time of challenge. How to make dreams come true on a limited budget.  How to meet and exceed expectations. Not a Christmas has gone by with my kids that it’s eve hasn’t left me fearful that they will be disappointed. They never are. It’s just an irrational fear like arachnephobia.

This holiday season I will be more mindful of expectations and obligations then in past years. And I’m starting with my pantry. I inventoried what I have. Plenty of flour, plenty of sugar, plenty of spice. Lots of icing sugar. So it you’re on my nice list, you can expect cookies of some kind. We’ve got sprinkles so prepared to be dazzled as well. If you’re on my naughty list, expect, well, nothing. I’ll keep what I have to show kindness to the people I love. So if you’re my banker or my insurance agent, or my municipal council, don’t take it personally, but they’ll be no cookies for you.

I will also draft a budget and start looking now for the things I need, be it butter on sale for said cookies or a mini-mac and tv screen for the boys “media/homework” centre, cheaper and more powerful than a laptop, I’m told.

If you’re not into cookies, you’ll likely get something home made – maybe a cushion with a funny saying or a doily if I can learn how to crochet in time. Which is doubtful, for the record.

Brief, I’ll make what I can and buy what I need. And if my name is on the From tag on your gift, know that your love and support matters to me more than anything money can buy. I remember you.


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