Act 310

Appreciate the company of friends

Tonight was a very special evening. An opportunity to spend an evening with friends and say goodbye to a colleague who has the good sense to spend his Canadian winters in California. And who can blame him?

But it’s a bit more than that. He might not come back. He might just stay in California for good. That, my friends, is a  loss for us. A life well-lived crosses our paths with interesting and memorable moments. And if you have the good fortune to meet one of those people, treasure the memories.

Life is complicated. Too complicated. There are people who are so talented and so promising who despite their very best effort, do not get the credit they deserve. And we are the lesser for it.

My favourite movie of all time is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In it, we meet George Bailey, a man who sacrifices his own well being to make his community a better place. Tonight, I fear I may have said goodbye to our own George Bailey, a man who would have done anything for his community. But small towns can be cruel. And even the best person is vulnerable to cruelty. But California is kind. And its gain is our loss.

I’ll miss you George. So enjoy the company of friends who understand you, who understand your community and who understand that life in a small town is a delicate and precious balance.

Tomorrow, Walmart opens after 10 years of hard fought hell by them subjected to the rest of us. The irony is not lost on me. Life is complicated. Not so wonderful. I would trade a hundred Walmarts for another season with my George Bailey. I really would.

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