Act 294

Attend a networking event

I know, right? Who uses words like networking? Business people, that’s who. It’s like we’re afraid to call it what it is. A chance to catch up, to spend time with people you like and respect but never get enough time to hang out with because, you’re a business owner and you’re, well, “busi”. Sometimes I think business should be spelled busyness instead.

Business loves to euphemize normal words to inflate their sense of importance. They don’t need a to do list, they need a long term corporate strategic plan. They don’t  have an image problem, they need a branding strategy. They don’t need to hang out, they need to network.

Anyway, funny thing about networking, it’s normally code for really good free food. Business people eat well and they normally do it on someone else’s tab. An expense account, a conference registration fee, an association meeting, a fundraiser. So if you can, be charming and delightful. Get yourself on the invite list, you’ll get to catch up with folks you like and get a bite to eat. No bill, no dishes, no worries.

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