Act 293


Ok – quick story. Two years ago I worked on a bike exhibit for our local public gallery. Part of our challenge was to find old bikes we could convert into art for the show. Our friends at the regional district let us pick through a pile of metal recycling with literally, hundreds of old bikes. Oh what fun, for a day at the dump, that is. We found what we needed. If you’re into that sort of thing, there’s a link here about the bike show called Pedal Power.

We also found a few things we didn’t need but couldn’t pass up including a BMX bike and a scooter, both in need of repair.

My youngest happen to dig out the scooter, which was never fixed, just this weekend. He fixed the front wheel and asked me to go online to find a back wheel. We found what we needed at a sports store nearby. Tonight, he has a brand new to him scooter. And judging by the number of tail whips happening in my living room, that $16 was well worth while considering a new scooter is worth a cool hundred bucks.

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