Act 271

DIY birthday cake and loot bags

Yes, I know life is busy. Busy is the reason we do many things. Like ordering birthday cakes from the grocery store or buying pre-made loot bags. Yup, it’s easier. but it’s not cheaper.

I’ve always made my kids’ birthday cakes with help from Betty Crocker. This year, I went old school and made them from scratch. And rather than fret over loot bags, I spent about $40 at the dollar store including containers and let the kids make their own, which they loved. You can’t be disappointed when you make your own.

We made home made sandwiches, chip dip and corn dogs too. So my $200 birthday budget of years past was cut in half and, I kid you not, pun intended, it was one of the best family bday parties ever.

Simplicity, authenticity, honesty – that’s what we really strive for. I’m tired. My house is a mess but my kids are happy. And the extra work was worth every minute.

Enjoy an old school birthday. That’s the stuff kids really remember.


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