Act 224

If you go to the movies, go on Tuesday

Tuesday is still cheap night at the movies, even if it’s not quite as cheap as it used to be.

Had we not gone to the movies tonight, our evening out for four would have cost about $100 to see the 3D version of Disney’s Planes complete with requisite popcorn. As it was, we got away with $59. Still no small amount. We took the extra step of ordering 3 kids treats rather than lavishing ourselves with the luxury of a grown up bag of popcorn and giant sized drinks. I also borrowed my cousin’s Scene card to get the 10% discount on the goodies. It’s a wonder anyone goes to the movies. In fact, our theatre was nearly empty. The ordinary, it seems, gets further and further out of reach. There are many more interesting, meaningful and necessary things that could be done with the $59. Still, I was glad the boys could go to the movies once with their Grampa and glad Grampa was so willing to foot the bill.

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