Act 241

Discover the thrill of no frill

Salmon Arm recently saw the opening of a No Frills grocery store. We are not short of grocery stores in this town. Seems we’re quite find of food in general. Great markets, great grocers, great farmers.

But this No Frills store is really quite something. I saved at least half of what I expected to spend by opting to go there this afternoon for a few items. Yes, I cherry picked and purchased no name goods but my budget is well intact and my patronage is assured for much time to come. And I wasn’t alone. It was busy (it is a long weekend afterall) with people who I would normally see at the local grocers.

The store was renovated some months ago. It’s bright, clean and quite modern. The selection is good and it’s well signed. Maybe the saying should go “if you build it right, bright, clean and well designed, they will come.” Because they have.

Truth be told, if I were the other grocery stores in town (including the big box one about to open at the end of town), I’d be keeping an eye on this one which has shown me that there can be a thrill when shopping no frill.

Act 240

Make the dough and earn the bread

Today I tried something I’d never done before. Baked a batch of buns from scratch. Am attempting to make sliders buns for an upcoming get together. Test batch works for me. Takes time and patience. That I have time for. Maybe that’s the literal and metaphoric trick to making dough and earning bread after all. Time, patience and the willingness to try.

Act 239

Just jump right in and do your best

Many are headed back to work after summer vacation. It’s can be a tough transition but it needs doing. Today I went back to work after an extended period away from the office. It felt a bit like playing double dutch – remember that skipping game? You hesitate, you watch and then, you just jump in and hope for the best. That’s what I did. Couple of stumbles but just like riding your bike, you never really forget. And it’s kind of a rush once you get back into the rhythm of it.

As for the pros, I found this online. If they can do this with a skipping rope, just think what you can do with all the tools available to you.

Act 238

Read the free stuff

As an airline passenger, your eyes are important to advertisers. You’re thought to be a real jet setter and as such newspapers and magazine crave your attention. Skip the paid books and magazines and stick to the free ones. So far today I’ve been offered the globe, the citizen and a fancy new magazine about Toronto not to mention the in-flight publication – all keeping me occupied on my cross country jet set.

Act 235

Enjoy some luxury without the 5 star price tag

When visiting a big city, be sure to check out the lobbies of famous hotels and get a taste of the finest luxury money can buy. Most hotels are happy to have you visit, people watch and maybe shop at their boutiques. The furniture is comfy, the decor spectacular and the bathrooms are tidy.

We are waiting in the lobby of the chateau Laurier until we board out canal cruise shortly. It’s delightful if only temporary.


Act 234


I’ve been forced in a way to unplug because I’m staying somewhere that has no cell or wifi coverage. At first, it was a worry. Now it’s a blessing. I’m happy to have the occasional day where I have no contact with the wired world. We need to do more of that.

So if I’m not in regular touch, you’ll know why. And I’m loving it. Back to the grind next week but I’ll try and make it a habit of unplugging from time to time if only to reconnect to what really matters.

Act 233

Car pool

While traffic is not part of my daily grind, it certainly is a part of big city life. Were I to live in a big city again, I would most certainly consider car pooling. Traveling in a vehicle with 3 or more people saves on time and on money. Even as a visitor to Ottawa I’ve benefitted from this option during a few visits to the National Capital. It’s a great place to visit but I won’t miss the traffic!

Act 232

sh-op at the co-op

MEC is a Canadian specialty outdoor store built on the cooperative model. From humble beginnings as an opportunity for climbers to source less expensive gear to a cross country quality outdoor gear retail giant. My rare visits here remind me that you can do good and do well. I mainly purchase travel gear which lasts forever and is reasonably priced.