Act 209

Give your kids an allowance on vacation

This is a tip from my good friend. Good advice. Tourism operators are to be given credit for their expert merchandising techniques. Take Cows Ice Cream on PEI for example. They have retail locations at every hot spot and friendly staff to assist. The ferry, the boardwalk in Charlottetown, in Cavendish, in Summerside. I don’t know how much ice cream they sell but they sell their fair share of themed t-shirts. My boys would not do without. So long as they understood that they had a set allowance for their vacation, they chose one shirt and they chose carefully.


At an artisan chocolate shop in Victoria PEI, my son would have bought the entire inventory if I were paying the bill. But with his budget, he chose a loonie sized chocolate for a loonie and bought one for his brother. He got the experience without emptying his wallet. It’s a good tactic. One I’ll implement from here on in.

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