Act 207

Share trip expenses with a trusted travel buddy

I’m traveling with an old friend. We’re not old (yet). We’re just good friends from a long time ago. Over the years, we’ve been away together many times and have come to appreciate the art of co-traveling. I buy fuel, she buys food, we split accommodation. We’ve logged literally thousands of kms together in many countries and we’ve always been within about 5 bucks of what either of us owe each other (because we keep track).

On this trip, we’ve ventured from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia with PEI in our sights. Our strategy remains the same, share expenses, including a motel room or cabin. Bring what you need, pick up the rest along the way. Avoid restaurants. It works. We’re here in Nova Scotia with a trunk full of groceries in an adorable cabin in Pictou County with our little travel companions. The cabin was $100 – the gas was $50 and tomorrow, the ferry to PEI will be free (you only pay to get off the island). That’s an affordable debt defying weekend to say the least.

Happy travels!


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