Act 202

Make minty fresh ice cubes

How often do you buy herbs at the market only to let them wilt on the kitchen counter. My friend had some lovely mint in a jar in her kitchen so with a pair of scissors and some ice cube trays, we made minty fresh ice cubes to embellish our beverages. Fun, Cheap. Fresh. What could be better.


2 thoughts on “Act 202

  1. cut your herbs, put in a glass of water, cover with a plastic bag to create your little greenhouse and pop in fridge, will last for alot longer and you will remember to use them as well….refresh water occasionally ….

  2. We do something similar with green onions. We dice them and then put them in a empty water bottle. After that we stick it in the freezer and only use it when we need it. We don’t use green onions a lot so it sucks if you have to buy a ton and then throw them out – this avoids that!

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