Act 190

If you have to pay later, please don’t buy now.

So the Brick and Leon’s are taking it in the chin from the competition bureau. And so they should. But we’re still the ones buying. Maybe the competition bureau should reserve a wee word for our own consumer behaviour.

If you need new furniture, think about new-to-you furniture. Second hand shops, thrift stores, even auctions are a much better deal for much better furniture. If the idea of someone else’s couch grosses you out, think about re-upholstery – if the frame is in good shape, it might be worth the cost. Plus you get to pick the perfect fabric (did I mention my love of fabric).

I’ve been on both sides of the something for nothing proposition.

Once, I saved $100 on my Christmas shopping by getting an HBC Mastercard. I can tell you for free that that was the most expensive $100 I ever saved.

Years ago, I went to an auction with a friend, just for fun. Came home with a beautiful teak dining room table with six chairs for under 100 bucks. Still in my kitchen (needs a bit of work) – but worth more than that by a long shot.

We’re capable of rational decision making. But just because we can make them doesn’t mean we always do. So please, if you have to buy now and pay later, don’t buy. Wait. Or find a more rational alternative. Our economy is based on behaviour as consumers.

That we need the competition bureau shows that as sellers and buyers, we don’t always do what’s best. And while we’re at it, maybe the competition bureau could have a wee word with the credit card companies and banksters too. Nah. Probably not in the cards. Those furniture dealers are much too dangerous.


2 thoughts on “Act 190

  1. Hi there. Your blog is inspirational! We live in Calgary, where its all about NEW, BETTER and yes, ENVY. We have $33 K of non-house debt that I hope to be rid of in six years.. by the time my little guy is in grade one. Thanks for all of your great tips. I will be back to read more!!

    • Thanks Sarah. Calgary is a wonderful place. When I’m there, I’m always surprised at the fervent consumption and it’s hard not to get caught up in that. IKEA is my particular weakness 🙂 And a young family involves alot of expense. Hang in there and keep debt defying. Thanks for getting in touch. I really appreciate it.

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