Act 176

Write a thank you note.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. How time flies.

Teacher’s get a fair share of loot at the end of the school year. Gift cards, movie tickets, candles, chocolate, coffee. And so they should. Most important job in the world if you ask me.

But there isn’t money in my budget for that this year. So I’ll opt for hand written thank you notes – for the teachers, the principals and the secretaries. It really is the thought that counts.

We live in a society where gratitude often has to come wrapped as a present. But that’s not what gratitude is at its core. If you have someone for whom you a grateful, write them a note and tell them so. That’s the most important part.


2 thoughts on “Act 176

  1. Hi, found your blog through a Globe and Mail article. Fantastic!
    I’m also a teacher and the best gifts I get at Christmas or end of the year are the handmade cards from the children I teach. We don’t need more stuff!

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