Act 170

Pack a snack

If you’re headed on a road trip, as I am (or a work sleep over as my kids like to call it) pack a snack. It’ll save you money along the way and during your stay.

Consider bringing some basics from home. A cutting board, a pairing knife, a fork and spoon, a ziploc bag or two in order to shop at the grocery stores rather than opt for more boring, overpriced options. This way, you spend more time enjoying the trip, and less time eating dull overpriced food. And you can keep your food budget for something more exciting and memorable.

Bon voyage et bon appetit!


One thought on “Act 170

  1. Good idea! When my husband and I go on a road trip, I pack sammies, coffee, water, good snacks (don’t do the chips and other expensive “treats”). We take our own coffee maker to make our morning coffee and fill a thermos. Thank goodness for small/medium coolers eh?!! Penny


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